Lift drums, barrels, fertilizer, pallets, machinery, feed, protein blocks, etc. without the need of help from others.

Commercial Services-

Lifts fridges, stoves, freezers and safes. Porti-Crane makes quick work out of these moving jobs.
Schedule your usual "second" person to a different job.

Utilities Industry -

Sewer covers and grates comes off easily with Porti-Crane. Also lift small transformers, cable spools water tanks etc.

Auto Services-

Engines, truck tires, heavy tools and other large parts are easily lifted on the back of the truck or light utility vehicle

Recreation -

With the Porti-Crane it is not difficult to lift off road motorcycles, quad bikes, outboard motors etc. The easy way to get your favourite toys on the back of your light utility vehicle.


Meeting the Needs
There will be different models but the main aim will be the same, and that is to lift heavy objects.
The only difference will be size and the fact that you can choose between an electric winch or a manual hand operated winch.

Our Strengths

Key Benefits

With the correct training given to the person who will operate the Porti-Crane it will:
Save money,
Save time (waiting to be loaded or off loaded),
Prevent unnecessary claims against the company for being injured on duty (back injuries),
Only need one person to load and off load.


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